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Observational Gait Analysis is written to assist physical therapists and physicians to effectively evaluate pathological gait using a method of gait analysis that can easily be applied in the clinic.

Observational Gait Analysis Workbook 4th Edition

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Gait Analysis: Normal and Pathological Functional, 2nd Edition

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Gait for the Physical Therapist Assistant

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This manual is intended as a general guideline for the physical therapy management of patients with quadriplegia. It is intended particularly to help the establishment of realistic functional goals for this population of patients who depend so heavily on the skills of their therapists for the realization of their full physical potential.

Quadriplegia After Spinal Cord Injury

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This 34 page guide contains the procedures used for evaluation of the adult hemiplegic patient at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center. Included within the guide are specific procedures for evaluating motor control, spasticity, sensation, vision and perception, and outlines for evaluating activities of daily living, cognition and the right CVA patient. This illustrated guide also contains a 17 page appendix which includes evaluation forms and a data base form used for documentation. (1991)

Occupational Therapy Evaluation Guide for Adult Hemiplegia

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Recover Following Spinal Cord Injury - A Clinician's Handbook

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