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considering us for a donation.

Your donation will support our ongoing work in improving the lives of those living with a physical disability. You can donate using the form on this page. Donations may be given to a specific program/initiative or as a general donation. 

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and would be happy to answer any questions. You can contact us via email:

Thank you again for considering us!

     -Pathokinesiology Lab

PK Lab General Research Fund

Donations to this fund will support ongoing and future research projects conducted by the Pathokinesiology Lab research team. Your donation can be used to support any aspect related to conducting a research project. Our projects build upon the legacy of our lab's founder Dr. Jacquelin Perry, focusing on developing new tools and programs to help those living with chronic physical disabilities such as stroke and spinal cord injury.

Sara J. Mulroy Spinal Cord Injury Symposium Fund

This fund was established to honor the accomplishments and vision of Dr. Sara J. Mulroy, PT, PhD. Prior to her passing, Dr. Mulroy served as the director of the Pathokinesiology Lab for over two decades. During this time she led a number of ground breaking research projects aimed at improving the health and quality of life of those living with spinal cord injury. Your donation to this fund will help us to honor her accomplishments by helping us to host an annual 1-day symposium that gathers experts in the field of spinal cord injury to discuss emerging trends and topics. Funds will be used to pay for symposium related expenses.

Pathokinesiology Lab Endowment Fund

The goal of the Pathokinesiology Lab endowment fund is to provide long-term resources to support the lab, including new research equipment and training programs within the lab for promising researchers and clinical residents.

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